Need conversion-focused copywriting for your business? Or want to hone your skills and learn the business of copywriting through private coaching? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

My Services

> CopyWriting

My team and I provide copywriting and content writing services through my award-winning agency, Sparked Digital Inc. Head to Sparked's website to learn more. >>

> Copywriting Coaching

Working with you one-on-one, I'll help you develop confidence with words, while also teaching you the tricks of the trade. Fast track your process and learn how to produce writing that's magnetic, persuasive and in demand.

CopyWriting Coaching Packages

Single Coaching Session

>> 1-hour private coaching session <<

For people who want help with specific topics and want to pay as they go.

Investment: $250 per session + HST

The Business of Copywriting | Private Coaching Program

>> Launch your copywriting business <<

For people who want to establish or grow a thriving freelance copywriting business.

4 private coaching sessions (1 hour each) + a free 30-minute discovery call

After our discovery call, I’ll develop a customized 4-week plan that meets your goals and objectives. Popular session topics include:

  • Getting your business off the ground
  • Positioning yourself and identifying a niche
  • Building your credibility and authority
  • Finding your first client
  • Pricing your work
  • Mastering client processes & productivity
  • Mindset shift & overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Building a freelance vs. a copywriting business
  • Marketing yourself and building your brand

Investment: $920 + HST
This is a discounted rate of $230/session

The CRAFT of Copywriting | Private Coaching Program

>> Fast-track your copywriting skills. <<

For people who are new to copywriting or have some writing experience but want to take it to the next level.

12 private coaching sessions (1 hour each) + a free 1-hour discovery call

After our discovery call, I’ll develop a customized 12-week plan that meets your goals and objectives. Popular session topics include:

  • The evolution of copywriting
  • Research & ideation techniques
  • Understanding the creative brief
  • Mastering headlines
  • Writing high-impact websites
  • Crafting ad copy & landing pages
  • The art of the sales pages
  • Writing for email marketing
  • Developing voice & tone
  • All about micro-copy
  • Intro to conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Mastering SEO writing
  • The perfect blog post

Plus, if you’re also looking to start or grow a freelance copywriting business, we can also cover any of the topics in my Business of Copywriting coaching program.

Investment: $2,520 + HST
This is a discounted rate of $210/session


  • All sessions are held privately and virtually and will include an instructional component plus lots of time for Q&As
  • After each session, you’ll receive a brief summary of what we talked about plus a list of my favourite resources
  • Sessions must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase


1. Get writing that's engaging and on brand

Each successful copywriting project begins with deep research. That means getting to know the business, the brand and the industry. After that’s complete, it’s time to combine the science of persuasion with the art of writing… to craft copy that aligns with KPIs and engages with the audience authentically, uniquely and always (always) ethically.

2. Increase conversions with THE RIGHT WORDS

Do you find it hard to write for your own business? Or, do you second guess your writing? That’s extremely common – you’re not alone. Coming at it objectively, I’ll look at the words you’re currently using and see if we can find a clearer and more direct way of saying it. I’ll also apply conversion copywriting techniques to get you better results.

3. Work with a local Toronto COPYwriter

With so many options online, it’s nice to make local connections. I’m involved in my profession in Toronto and have a large network of trusted people, if you need referrals or want to find a new community. I’m also an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at The DMZ (out of Ryerson University), I’ve taught copywriting at George Brown College, and I’ve been part of many professional organizations across the GTA.

4. Get a friendly and collaborative experience

I’m love forming long-term relationships with my clients. I only take on a handful of clients at a time in order to provide an attentive and high value experience. Many of my clients have stayed with me for years and I often have a wait list – so inquire early. When it comes to coaching, I offer a safe and supportive environment – because I know how scary it can be to share  writing when you’re first starting out.  

Still have questions? Ready to get started?