Blog post - How to get more from your business blog

4 Easy Ways to Get More from Your Business Blog

You’ve set up your business blog, you’ve honed its purpose, and maybe you’ve even started writing. You’re ready to see the results for your business blog and you’re ready to watch your online presence grow.

But…is your blog poised for success?

…Will your content achieve its desired purpose?

…How will your content stand out from the thousands of other blog posts created every day?

If you want to get the MOST from your business blog, there are some important things you should know. I’ve compiled four simple tips to help you achieve great results.

1. Know your keywords but don’t write for your keywords

If one of your blog’s objective is to help search engines find your website (and it should be!), you should know the keywords that will make you discoverable to your ideal reader.

The best place to start is by putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

…What questions are they asking?

…What answers are they looking for?

…What search terms might they use?

Once you know these keywords, you should incorporate them into your blog content – but not write blog content for them. This is an important distinction. Chances are if your blog content is relevant to your business or website, your keywords will come out naturally.

Try to include your keywords in your title and first few sentences of your blog post, but don’t overdo it.

Before finalizing your blog post, read what you’ve written aloud. If it sounds forced or contrived, chances are your reader will be turned off and won’t return.

2. Keep your titles simple and descriptive

When it comes to writing a title for your blog post, keep it simple!

Think about the types of titles that you’re most likely to click on when you are navigating a website’s blog.

…Are they short and easy to understand?

…Are they descriptive of the article’s content?

…Do they offer you useful or interesting information?

Titles like these are generally much more effective than long titles, or ones that use vague or symbolic language. Luckily, this takes the stress out of thinking up a title. Set aside all flowery inclinations and punny titles and stick to the basics.

Also, including a number in a title has proven to be a useful way of getting views (e.g., “The 3 Most Effective Ways to…”)

3. Set your reader up to take action

Posting well-written, relevant blog content on your website regularly will help improve your search engine rankings.

But that’s not all it will do.

Get the most out of your blog by including an actionable item in its content. For instance, at the end of the blog post, ask your reader to sign up for your newsletter. Or, in the body of the blog post, include hyperlinks to your services.

If you mention an issue that you have previously blogged about, include a hyperlink to that blog post. By viewing your blog as a tool to generate leads and encourage exploration of your website, you’ll make your blog work HARDER and SMARTER for your business.

4. Edit, edit, edit

study done by IBM showed that unedited sites had a drop in engagement of up to 30% as measured by click-through ratings.

Another study in the UK showed that consumers were 50% less likely to purchase an item if there was a spelling mistake on the webpage.

The evidence is clear: editing is critical!

Whether you ask your friend to look over your work or hire a professional editor, prioritizing the editing process will set you apart from the crowd and ensure your readership doesn’t get turned off due to simple spelling mistakes or missed punctuation.

So, edit, edit, and edit again.

In Summary…

A business blog can be a powerful content marketing and SEO tool. With a few little tweaks, you can maximize your efforts and see better results from your blog – simply and effectively.

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